About Us

IT Architecture for the leading names in life science manufacturing

We were formed in 2015 to build data architectures for factories spanning the IT/OT interface. We can take on projects or provide credible resource to fill skills gaps short or long term. Most of the work we have done has been in pharmaceutical, biotech & medical device manufacturing.

We design, build & test the IS infrastructure to make factory data accessible and we also deploy the applications to extract the value from that data.

Our parent company, Hanley Automation, has sold factory control technology for 35 years.

Customers trust us to work on their IT systems efficiently and without disrupting production.

We have the experience and the knowledge to design, build test and audit complete architectures

  • Data Architecture
  • Software Architecture
  • Server Architecutre
  • Network Architecture
  • Security Architecture

We have worked on many large projects, but equally we are happy to be engaged to complete small jobs or to provide specialist help for a few days.

Contact us to set up a call to discuss your projects and whether we can help.

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