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The role of technology in GxP manufacturing is to serve the evolving needs of the enterprise. Sometimes the technology can end up being viewed as a black box that sucks large amount of  capital investment but remains unable to be responsive to changing business needs.

Our value is to ensure that the technology is not so mired in challenges around compliance, security and legacy equipment that it is unable to respond to the needs of the business. We engage with all the stakeholders in the enterprise to ensure that the business needs are properly understood, help technology teams develop and deliver strategies, and solutions that deliver value to these stakeholders. This is a human and a communications challenge as a technology challenge. 

The data journey

Your manufacturing data architecture and IT infrastructure is not a point solution or an event. It is a data journey that lasts many years. This data journey that goes on throughout the lifetime of your production facility and beyond. In order for your technology strategies and solutions to be successful in serving the business’s needs of the enterprise, you need to be using the same tools and resources that other senior management utilise to build winning strategies and solutions. Our advisory services are there available to you as a tool at different stages of that data journey, to deliver bring value in different ways. We want to be a companion on the road over the long term.

Our Advisory Services

Our clients engage us to:
– Accurately identify critical stakeholder challenges
– Identify the features to include in your technology solution to solve those problems
– Articulate stakeholder value to build compelling business cases

Often we do short intense labs to look at a particular challenge or problem, these can be done quite effectively using remote video meeting tools and whiteboard collaboration tools.

For bigger challenges that may involve engaging with multiple stakeholders we have developed out Accelerator workshops which were designed to be done “in person” but which we are now starting to run remotely using video conferencing and whiteboard collaboration tools.

If you think this could be of value reach out to have an initial conversation to see if we can bring value to your business.

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